Visit to Regional Resource Centre by Muthetheni Girls High School
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Mon, 2016-06-13 07:56









Dr. Bilha Mwenesi Chair Sub-Department of French addresses and give some advice to Visiting Students of Muthetheni Girls High School in the Sub-Dept of French Resource Center Computer Lab

Muthetheni Girls High School spent most of Monday 13th June in the Regional Resource center hosted by the University of Nairobi.
The 50 girls worked on various aspects of the French language, notably listening and reading comprehension.
They also familiarised themselves with the functions of the Smart Board.
The rich Departmental library proved to be a major attraction to the Form 1 and 2 students.
The students were accompanied to the facility by their teachers: Mr. Maurice Abila and Ms. Margaret Musyoka.

Schools and tertiary institutions offering the French language are encouraged to make use of the resources already in place for communal use.

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