The Sub-Department of French offers French language lessons to students registered in Faculty of Arts Programmes that require knowledge of a Foreign language, for instance BA Tourism, and, depending on availability of staff, as a non-credit course to interested students and members of staff.  The lessons are given at two levels: Elementary and Intermediate. The courses, which are offered subject to attainment of a minimum quorum of ten (10) candidates, can be tailor-made to cater for the specific interests of the group.  The Faculty of Arts regulations on fee structure will apply.





Title Course Code Course Hours Semester Year
French for getting Acquainted CFR 001 45 1 1
French for everyday activities CFR 002 45 2 1
French for Family and Social life CFR 004 45 2 1
French for Leisure Activities CFR 006 45 2 1
French for the Work Place CFR 011 45 1 2
French for Travel CFR 013 2 2