Mission and Vision


To be a Department of repute that leads in teaching, development and dissemination of knowledge and research in francophone studies.



To promote excellence in the teaching, learning and use of French as a foreign language, generation and dissemination of knowledge on Francophone cultural, socio-economic, political and geographical environment, while preserving and encouraging the best in our national heritage.

Strategic Objectives

  • To manage academic programmes with in-built quality assurance systems and rationalize courses and programmes in the sub-Department of French;
  • To create an enabling academic environment and policy framework for undertaking quality and relevant research;
  • To mainstream consultancy as a core function of the Sub-Department;
  • To establish an efficient and effective management structure and system and to enhance staff and students information management system.
  • To plan, manage and maintain appropriate physical facilities;
  • To improve the financial position of the Sub-Department;
  • To strengthen existing and develop new networks, partnership and linkages.

Attached is the Sub-Department STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 – 2018