From Monday the 17th of June to Friday the 21st June 2013, two members of the academic staff of the Sub-Department of French, namely, Dr.BilhaMwenesi and Mr. Michael Nginye  took part in a workshop on the teaching of Business French using the latest language teaching method,                  “la méthodeactionnelle” where language teaching and acquisition is approached from the point of view of  the tasks to be accomplished in the language in question  and where the learner is placed at the centre of the didactic activities.


The workshop was funded by the language cooperation bureau of the French Embassy in Kenya  and organized by the same bureau in conjunction with the Alliance Française of Nairobi, with the latter offering the facilitation services.


Participants were those with experience in teaching business French and/or came from institutions in different parts of Kenya which offer business French.




Mr. Smith of Science PO university, Fréance, which has signed a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Arts of the University of Nairobi visited the Sub-Department of French and held fruitful discussions on possible student exchanges with Dr.BilhaMwenesi of the Sub-Department.   


Retreat for faculty of arts heads of department and faculty committee chairmen


The Sub-Department  of French was represented by Dr.BilhaMwenesi at this retreat, which  took place from May 30, 2014 to June 1, 2013, at the Maanzoni Lodge, Machakos County.                                      ..

Cerfruna French Day


To celebrate the March 2013 francophony week, the French club of the University of Nairobi, CERFRUNA,  organised a successful French Day on March 23, 2013. Several universities in Nairobi and alumni of the Sub-Department  responded  positively to the invitation of the French club as did members of staff of the Sub-Department, Drs.BilhaMwenesi and Caroline Oyugi and officials of the French Embassy, Mr. Claude Frey and Ms NassimaBenrabia. The material support accorded to the French Club by the Embassy officials served as a good supplement to the financial donations the club had received from Dr.BilhaMwenesi and Mr. Michael Nginye, academic members of staff of the Sub-Department of French.


CERFRUNA club members and some of their guests later proceeded to the Nairobi French School and the  following day to Windsor Hotel to participate in other Francophony week activities.




Miss Caroline Oyugi came back from the FrancheComté University of Besançon, France, as Dr. Caroline Oyugi, having completed the last part of her PHD studies in January of 2013. Her thesis had to do with the internalisation of the foreign language spoken word competence.


Kenya Association of Teachers of French CONGRESS and AGM


These two activities took place on the 21st and 22nd of September 2012  with two members of staff of the Sub-Department, Dr.BilhaMwenesi taking part in the congress and Miss Oyugi taking part in both the congress and the AGM..