Intensive workshop for Teachers of French

Dr. Caroline Oyugi Lecture SDF with Teachers of French Drawn from Primary and Secondary Schools Around the Country During an Intensive workshop for Teachers of French


Primary and Secondary Teachers during Training

Intensive workshop for Teachers of French

19th – 20th June 2017

45 teachers of French drawn from primary and secondary schools around the country assembled for a 2-day intensive workshop organised by the Kenya Association of Teachers of French (KATF) at SDF in The University of Nairobi.  Its objectives were to sensitise and update teachers on:

Main themes covered:

  1. Trends in foreign language methodology
  2. Evaluating the reviewed position of the French language in the national syllabus
  3. Certification processes at different levels
  4. Opportunities for continuing education and in-service opportunities for the educator

Focus group sessions enabled different teams to present their ideas on:  

  1. Defining objectives of lessons
  2. Teaching by themes
  3. Creativity in the French class
  4. Analysing suitability of available print and online material for classes

Facilitation was done by:

Dr. Caroline Oyugi – University of Nairobi

Dr. Milcah Chokah – Kenyatta Universsity

Mrs. Millicent Koga _ KICD

The Alliance Française of Nairobi