Message from Chair

The Sub-Department of French, the oldest unit offering French language and French language related studies at university level in Kenya can justifiably claim to have produced, directly or indirectly many of the Kenyan graduates occupying positions of influence and prestige in the system of the United Nations, at the African Union, in international business and non-governmental organizations, in the worlds of translation, interpretation and diplomacy, in Kenyan institutions and others. Those graduating directly from and have kept contact with the Sub-Department inform us of how the appropriate French language and French language related knowledge, which they received as students, stood them in very good stead, when it came to competing with other candidates for the jobs that they hold and have held. Indeed, the problem that the Sub-Department sometimes is faced with is not one of producing graduates who will not find jobs, but rather one of students, who find themselves torn between job offers and studies. The job market for those with French language and French language related knowledge is therefore far from being saturated. A ready, competent, highly experienced supplier of that knowledge, with state-of the-art teaching tools and a well-stocked library, the Sub-Department of French invites all those, who meet the University of Nairobi and Faculty of Arts Bachelor’s degree and Certificate admission requirements, to enroll for and pursue beginners and advanced French language courses in preparation for or alongside the other French language related studies as detailed HERE.